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Becky McKinnell

In business and in life, design is everything.I believe we can all create spaces to inspire, create impact, and to have fun.

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Bloomberg Business Week, TedX, MaineBiz, Stevie Women in Business, Certified B Corporation, Woman Owned.

"You Don't Have to Be a Certain Age to Do What You Want to Do."

-Becky McKinnell

After starting her first company the day after graduating college and later beginning a lifestyle brand without going to fashion school, Becky is no stranger to imposter syndrome.

Becky's Companies:

ibec creative, portland maine, estd 2006
the ibec creative team

Est. 2006

Becky McKinnell is the Founder/CEO of iBec Creative, Portland, Maine’s leading award-winning digital agency. Becky started her first company the day after she graduated college. Even though she was inexperienced in the business world, she knew that she could help small businesses thrive online. Since then, alongside her talented team, she has helped over 500 businesses find success online.

wildwood oyster co - inspired by salt air
Wildwood Oyster Co. Original Tote

Est. 2018

Becky's lifestyle brand, Wildwood Oyster Co. designs and manufactures handbags that feel like sitting on the beach or soaking in a summer night. Wildwood started when Becky designed a leather handbag for herself that reminded her of her love for the ocean. When she wore her bag, she had so many people stop her that she knew it was a sign to start another company. Since then, thousands of women around the world also carry Wildwood bags.

Starting out

"Put your big kid pants on. Even if you got them on clearance."

No matter what age you are, starting new things can be scary. But they stop being scary if you take the first step. So don't wait to be a certain age to do what you want to do.

Becky's TEDx presentation

Becoming a Certified B Corp

"We now have a common language for what it means to be a 'good business' and can prove it...and improve it."

-Becky McKinnell

Becky speaking on a panel at MaineBiz on building a great company culture

Business as a force for good

Becky believes that as business owners, it is our fundamental responsibility to be a great place to work, do right by our clients, give back to our community, and reduce our negative impact on the environment. Becoming a certified B Corp in 2022 shines a spotlight on who iBec is as a company, what iBec believes in, and the power of what iBec can do as a team.

Making time to do all the things

"Think of your creative time like a treasure hunt. It is currently buried in your whirlwind of activity but it does exist and you have to find it."

-Becky McKinnell

Becky sketching

Finding Balance

What do you feel like you're too busy to do?

People often ask Becky, how do you do it all?What do you feel like you’re too busy to do? ...Listen to the answer you just told yourself. Your answer is important and could be the thing that’s blocking your happiness. Challenge yourself to make time for it...Have an affair with it! You aren’t too busy. Rekindle and nurture your creativity. Don’t give up on finding the fire inside of you just because you’re settled.

Becky sketching
Becky sketching

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